Our business model is unique in the industry, we are not constrained by large corporate guidelines about how we bring together a project deal, constraints around markets we target or finding investors to work with.

Quantum Strategy

The Investor
By building high quality hotels using advanced modular building techniques our investor group will enjoy a lower risk environment compared with a comparative investment offering in the market. Able to be built offshore, assembled quickly and open for business in as little as a 1/2 the time of traditional hotel builds, our investor group will enjoy quicker returns on investment and greatly reduced holding costs.

The design of the modules and interiors has been such that a room can be completely refurbished to like new standard in 1/2 a day. Most items removed are then refurbished where viable and ready for the next hotels refurbishment. Long term this keeps the hotel constantly fresh maintains asset value and keeps guests returning at a significantly lower cost that standard hotel designs.

Developing a combination of leased and owned land sites gives investors a mix of greater cash flow with capital growth.

Land Lease / Joint Ventures
By offering a land owner a return up to 2 to 3 times the normal land rental of a typical land lease, the land owner can realize a greater return on land & later sale whilst the company can return a greater ROI over a long term (between 80 and 99 years is our lease agreements).

Our Buildings
Buildings are completed and up and running in up to 1/2 of the time to a traditionally built hotel. With lease payments only starting when the site is operational the Group and its investment partners save money on advance pre-opening lease costs.


Our ratings are based solely on the size of the room. They are technologically advanced to any in the market, with high quality fittings and stunning furniture – staying in a Quantum built hotel will be equivalent of staying 5 star every time.

Clients / The Guest
Guests receive a technology advanced hotel including room automation, back of house automation, seamless reception free check in, interiors and designs to suit all travelers needs and 24 hour food and beverage services.


Quantum Hospitality’s strategy impacts every part of the business but has a central theme to it –
Be the best and first at what we do within a managed risk environment with excellent stakeholder returns.

  • develop and provide a hotel building system that is quick to manufacture, easy to build but is no different to conventionally built hotel both visually and operationally
  • technologically advanced and in hotel automation resulting in increased guest satisfaction and reduced back of house staffing.
  • centralized ‘MARKET HUB’ offering all the hotels services in an open and engaging environment that makes our guests feel at home from the minute they walk through the door.
  • systemize manufacturing, assembly and product to maintain maximum flexibility in both delivery, product location and design options.
  • build service offerings around centralized services that cover all the groups markets and businesses achieving economies of scale, diversified senior management skills base and strong risk management through the use of advanced technology.
  • be technology driven, paperless and innovative leaving our guest ambassadors and management to concentrate on our most important client – the guest
  • expand service offering as clients demand using the same strategy as above.
Quantum Hospitality’s strategy


‘To provide a barrier free place to stay that allows you to create your own experience.’


‘Project building costs up to 30% cheaper than in-situ built hotels.’


‘Human Energy Wins.’


‘Integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, continual self-improvement, mutual respect.’